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Contact: Desiree Code, Marketing & PR Director SCS



California-based Microsoft Partner SCS Helps Three Major Agriculture Companies

Switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Santa Monica, San Mateo CA October 14, 2009:  In the last 8 weeks alone, StrausFamily Creamery, Berry Pack, Inc. and Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo – all major companies in agriculture – have switched from their previous ERP software providers to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and SCS.


You may be wondering “why”(when a lot of industries are suffering the ill-effects of a poor economy)would adopting a new business software be so advantageous? “Flexibility first of all,” says Marc Palo, SCS’s Technical Sales Director. “Then you add low cost, affordability, it’s easy to maintainand it just makes sense to switch. The competing agriculture industry ERP software on the market is monolithic in nature; any customization has shown to be tedious and costly. “The ability now exists for any customer to easily ‘model’ specific workflows and compliancy in the agriculture industry”.This is a direct reflection of the large investment Microsoft has made in its ERP products since 2001.


He adds, “NAV provides added value in that it’s Microsoft platform-based and utilizes all Microsoft Office system products as well as other Microsoft technologies most agricultural companies already own. By ‘utilize’ I mean NAV is fully integrated to all Office System products and there is no added expense on the part of a company that already owns Office Systems.”


Due in part to Microsoft’s “industry specific” developmental power, NAV is very effective in all AG environments. SCS, with its rapidly-growing agriculture customer base has also developed customized features and functionality for this industry not available elsewhere. And the beauty is none of the cost of this is passed on to the customer. It’s a value-add from SCS. 


SCS is one of the largest NAV Solution Centers in the US and is among the leading Solution Centers for NAV Software worldwide. SCS has implemented and customized NAV Software in over 350 companies.